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Several types of transplanting machines are used by cranberry growers to plant rooted cuttings.

Multi-row furrow maker is the simplest transplanter. Workers follow behind to drop plants into the furrow and then hand plant them (requires approx. 25 people to plant 1 acre/day, or 200 hrs of labor/acre).


Custom built, semi-automated planter
(click for pictures) does 9 rows/pass. Each row has a planting shoe and packer wheels, with one worker per row to place the plant within the shoe (can plant 1.5 acres per day, approx. 55 hrs of labor/acre). It can be used with rooted cuttings raised in either cells or open trays.

Commercially built ‘transplanters’ are widely used in the vegetable industry and the most efficient in regard to labor costs (about 40 hrs of labor/acre), but require the use of rooted cuttings raised in cells.