Governance Charts

This chart illustrates the governance of the distribution and utilization of the Rutgers varieties Crimson Queen, Mullica Queen, and Demoranville.

Governance Chart

The initial breeder’s stock passes from Rutgers directly to Integrity Propagation. Under the supervision of Dr. Vorsa, Integrity Propagation has reproduced and is maintaining pure Foundation Level Virus-Indexed mother stock of these varieties.

This Foundation Level plant material is 100% DNA fingerprinted.

Integrity Propagation sells Foundation Level plants directly to growers establishing an Initial Field Planting.

Unrooted stolons are also sold to growers. These stolons are rooted in flats by the grower, either in greenhouses or outside during the growing season.

Growers may also contract with a licensed third party propagator to root stolons on their behalf. The minimum density for beds established by rooted cutting propagation is one plant per square foot.

Alternatively, growers may purchase non-certified mowings from Cutler Cranberry Co., a licensed conventional propagator. Beds established with these mowings are called “secondary field plantings” and must be established with a minimum of one ton of mowings per acre. These mowings may not be used for rooted cutting propagation due to their potential to exponentially reproduce off-types inevitably found in mowings.

Before purchasing Rutgers varieties, growers must obtain a license from Rutgers. At the time of planting each Initial or Secondary Field planting, a one time royalty is paid to Rutgers.