Physiological Momentum of Rooted Cuttings

Integrity Propagation, in cooperation with Dr. Joan Davenport, has developed several nutritional regimens utilizing time-release fertilizer to further enhance the physiological momentum of our plants after transplanting into the bed. Integrity Propagation’s nutritional regimens are individually designed to complement the customer’s method and timing of transplanting.

Physiological Momentum 2
This photograph compares bi-weekly liquid fertilizer used in the flat on the left with the time-release fertilizer on the right.

Physiological Momentum 1
This photograph compares eight variations of rate of release and analysis, to an unfertilized control in the center.

Establishing a bed with rooted cuttings is more consistent and is better suited for aggressive herbicide and fertilization programs. This explains why they often come into production one year faster.

Foundation Level Rooted Cuttings