Rutgers Contract Summary

Listed below is a summary of the important details in the contract between our growers, Integrity Propagation, and Rutgers University. 

Please contact us for a full copy of the Purchase Agreement for review.

  • Buyer/Grower must contact IP verbally or by e-mail to place an order for 100% Foundation Level, Virus Indexed, DNA Fingerprinted Plant Material.  IP will forward to Buyer/Brower an “IP Purchase Agreement” to confirm the order.  IP will also notify Rutgers University to send Buy/Grower a Rutgers Grower Agreement and an application for a license.
  • Buyer/Grower must be engaged in the commercial production of cranberry fruit.
  • Agreement used to purchase Rooted Plants or Unrooted Stolons of the New Varieties (Crimson Queen®, Demoranville® and Mullica Queen®) to establish an Initial Field Planting.
  • Agreement used to purchase Rooted Plants (Scarlet Knight®, Welker™ and Haines™) to establish an Initial field Planting.
  • Agreement governs the use of all current and prior purchases of the New Varieties and Special Varieties.
  • SCHEDULE B, on page 9 or 10, identifies the quantity purchased, the price, (not including shipping cost), and approximate shipping date.
  • Buyer/Grower must designate the density to be planted in the bed (minimum 1 plant per sq. ft.) on SCHEDULE B.
  • Grower/Buyer must designate the Bed ID for which the purchase is being made and the acreage of the Bed on page 7 and 9 or 10.
  • Agreement is binding at the date of signing, or upon the shipment, receipt or payment of the plant material, whichever comes first.
  • All purchases must be planted within the designated Bed ID including all extras supplied by IP.
  • If excess plant material is not used to increase density of designated bed, it must be returned to IP or disposed of as instructed by IP.  Excess plant material may be used to fill-in a formerly licensed and planted bed of the same variety.
  • IP has the right to charge Buyer/Grower late charges on past due amounts.
  • Buyer/Grower pays the cost of all shipping and bears the risk of loss beginning at the point of shipment at IP.
  • IP has the right to postpone shipment (due to environmental or unforeseen circumstances) until order can be filled.
  • IP does not grant ownership, license or other rights to Buyer/Grower.  Buyer/Grower must apply for a license from Rutgers. Buyer/Grower’s receipt, possession and use of the plant material are subject to the Rutgers Grower Agreement.
  • Buyer/Grower must pay one-time royalty payment to Rutgers University based on the actual acreage of the specified Bed ID.  Payment is due upon receipt of the plant material.
  • Buyer/Grower cannot sell, lease, loan or transfer the plant material to any third party unless third party is bound by IP Purchase Agreement, Rutgers Growers Agreement and IP and Rutgers are notified of transaction beforehand in writing.
  • Buyer/Grower shall pay IP and Rutgers for any excess plant material from an order that is planted in a bed other than the specified Bed ID.  See SCHEDULE C for examples.
  • Buyer/Grower may propagate only the New Varieties (Crimson Queen®, Demoranville® and Mullica Queen®) through the mowing of an Initial Field Planting to establish a Secondary Field Planting or to establish a Subsequent Field Planting from Secondary mowings using the pressed-in-vine method.  Royalty payment is due to Rutgers for all new bed establishment.
  • Buyer/Grower may not propagate Scarlet Knight®, Welker™, or Haines™ from the mowings of an Initial Field Planting, Conventional Planting, Secondary Field Planting, or Subsequent Field Planting unless a separate written license agreement and a license fee are agreed between Buyer/Brower and IP.  Fee is in addition to the per acre royalty due Rutgers University.
  • Buyer/Grower must allow Rutgers or their authorized agents the right to inspect any bed or facility, within reasonable notice, to determine compliance with the agreements.
  • Buyer/Grower shall not make contract with any third party (other than a Licensed TPP) concerning the New Variety or Special Variety plant material.
  • The signing on page 7 of the IP Purchase Agreement must be completed by a person who is authorized to legally bind the Buyer/Grower’s business.
  • A completed, signed and returned agreement is necessary for IP to reserve plant material for Buyer/Grower.
  • An Initial deposit may be required at the time of agreement and would be noted on the SCHEDULE B.
  • Payment to IP for the plant material is due, after the receipt of the plant material, within 30 days after the receipt of a correct invoice from IP.