Varieties Overview

Exciting New Rutgers Varieties Now Available

Since the late 1980s, Ocean Spray growers have invested in Rutgers University’s Cranberry Breeding Program. Their investment has paid off in a big way.

New varieties have much improved color and yields that are often 50% greater than Stevens.

Rutgers Variety Parents Description  Yield (bll/A)* TAcy (mg/100g frt)*
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Ben Lear
First variety released, distinguished by high yields, large fruit, and good color, evaluated in several trials including Ocean Spray Regional Trial   NJ – 313

WI – 313

NJ – 52

WI – 50

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Ben Lear
Noted for its exceptional color, high yield and large fruit size, evaluated in NJ & WI trials NJ – 335

WI – 363

NJ – 56

WI – 54

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This variety was fast tracked because of its exceptional yield; offers unique genetic background, unrelated to Stevens or Ben Lear NJ – 456 NJ – 41
*Yield and TAcy are the means of 4-5 years of data in replicated research trials in Wisconsin and New Jersey. These results are Rutgers University’s best estimate of the varieties’ potential, however they are not a guarantee of future performance.
Available as rooted cuttings or stolon bundles (click here for details).