Why FLVI Plant Material Matters

Why use Foundation level plant material?

  • Renovating a bed is a major undertaking, shouldn’t the purest and best vines available be used?
  • The cost of foundation level vines is about the same as the current cost of non-foundation vines produced from prunings.
  • Sacrificing your own crop to produce large volumes of vine for a new planting may not be economical because of the high productivity of the new varieties.
  • The cost to scrutinize mowings or prunings to a similar extent (i.e. DNA & virus testing) would probably exceed $500,000 per ton! (You may not like what you find.)

The devil is in the volunteers …

These cranberry plants on the ditch banks are all volunteer seedlings. You can be sure the bed contains volunteers, as well.
  • Every cranberry bed inevitably gets volunteer seedlings.
  • Many of these seedlings produce few fruit and instead put their resources into vegetative growth.
  • If the bed is pruned for propagation, these vegetative volunteers contribute disproportionately and have the potential to severely contaminate a new bed.
  • This can be especially significant when the prunings are used for rooted cuttings or low-density plantings.