About Us

Integrity Propagation (IP) is the first and only foundation level propagator in the cranberry industry, providing growers with plant material that has a high level of purity and consistency with the original selection.

Integrity Propagation covers six acres of greenhouses, cold frames, and irrigated open beds.

Our mother stock is raised in hanging baskets. 100% of the plant material we sell is derived from a vine that was DNA-fingerprinted.

In the summer, all flowers are removed from the mother stock to prevent volunteer cranberry seedlings.

The long vines are harvested, bundled, and cut into cuttings, ready for sticking.

The healthy, vigorous cutting stock, along with intensive culture, rapidly produces a plant with multiple branches and dense roots.

When ready, the flats are loaded onto trucks and shipped to you, our customer, ready to plant.

Our shipping procedures allow the most economical solution, with our plants shipping throughout North America.

Rutgers Varieties are not only the most productive varieties, but they are the only cranberry varieties that are available as foundation level virus-indexed plant material. Without the achievements of Dr. Vorsa and his colleagues, IP would not have the technology necessary to produce pure plant material of these revolutionary new cranberry varieties.

“It is my goal to provide the cranberry industry with the same degree of plant material purity that exists in other horticultural and agronomic crops. At IP we offer the peace of mind that what you buy is what you get.”                                  -Abbott Lee, Founder

The founder of IP, Abbott Lee, has a BS in Horticulture, 50 years of experience in cranberry culture, including a considerable work history of bog establishment via the rooted cutting technique. Using general nursery protocol, Abbott has developed the specific techniques necessary for cranberries.

In order to develop a cost-effective system of providing growers with pure vines, Rutgers University has granted IP exclusive rights to produce foundation level plant material. These exclusive rights are contingent upon cost, efficiency, and the ability of IP to meet grower’s demands.

The success our business has enjoyed is contingent upon a leadership team comprised of individuals of the utmost integrity – a team empowered to listen to our customers and respond quickly to their needs.

We invite you to learn more about Our Leaders, and Contact Us to discuss how Integrity Propagation may help your business.