Mullica Queen®

Lemunyon x #35

Mullica Queen® is the result of a 1997 cross between Lemunyon and #35, and was named after the watershed where the Lemunyon variety was selected, and the tradition of Rutgers University’s former name of “Queens College”.

Dr. Vorsa fast-tracked this variety, skipping multi-state replicated field trials, since consistently good fruit quality and high yields – as high as 880 barrels/acre – were demonstrated in the original plot evaluations at the Marucci Center.

This variety offers a unique genetic background unrelated to Stevens or Ben Lear. One of its parents, #35, was derived from a Howes x Searles cross from the 1930s breeding program, and was the highest yielding variety in Rutgers variety trials in the late 1980’s, out yielding Stevens. However, #35 was never named or released because of its poor color.

Mullica Queen® is distinctive in that it has “blood lines” from native cranberry varieties from three states: Howes from Massachusetts, and Searles from Wisconsin, yielded the variety #35, which was then crossed to Lemunyon from New Jersey.

Growers have reported yields of 635 barrels per acre in 2009.

Mullica Queen® Fact Sheet


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