Crimson Queen® x #35

This cross of Crimson Queen® and #35 takes its name from the late William (Bill) Haines Sr., a lifelong New Jersey cranberry and blueberry grower.

Bill was an ardent supporter of the Philip E Marucci Center for Blueberry & Cranberry Research & Extension. The earliest Rutgers cranberry breeding crosses were maintained and nurtured at his farm.

The Haines™ variety was selected for its high yield potential, mid-season ripening, large round berry (averaging about ½” in diameter, two grams per berry), uniform fruit color, shape, consistent size, and firmness, making Haines™ the ideal variety for sweetened dried cranberries.


In 2007, Haines™ was selected for further testing in advanced replicated selection trials in Oregon, Washington and Wisconsin. The plots continued to exhibit the variety’s consistent traits.

Haines™ has also exhibited less fruit rot than Stevens in these plots. It is recommended for all cranberry growing areas.

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