Franklin x Ben Lear

The Demoranville® variety is the result of a 1988 cross made between Franklin and Ben Lear. This variety was named in honor of Dr. Irving Demoranville, former director of the Massachusetts Cranberry Experiment Station and developer of the Franklin variety.

Dr. Vorsa evaluated Demoranville® for eight years in multi-state replicated field trials.

Demoranville® is distinguished by high yields, large fruit, and exceptionally early color.

Demoranville® combines the genes from Howes and Early Black, the parents of Franklin, with those of Ben Lear. Thus, its pedigree includes the two major early-ripening varieties, Early Black and Ben Lear. Demoranville® fruit is larger than either parent, and yet, still has higher TAcy then either of them.

In 2010, growers reported yields of 584 barrels to the acre from a 3-year-old Demoranville® bed.

Demoranville® Fact Sheet


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