Crimson Queen®

Stevens x Ben Lear

Crimson Queen® is the result of a cross made in 1988 between Stevens and Ben Lear, and was named for its crimson color, and the tradition of Rutgers University’s former name of “Queens College.”

Dr. Vorsa evaluated this variety for eight years in multi-state replicated field trials before release in 2006.

Crimson Queen® is distinguished by high yields, early and good color, and fruit which are typically larger than Stevens and Ben Lear.

Crimson Queen® combines the runnering propensity found in Stevens, with early ripening season of Ben Lear. It has very aggressive vine growth resulting in rapid bed establishment, however it is best suited to well-drained beds.

Growers have reported yields as high as 628 barrels to the acre for Crimson Queen® in the third growing season.

Crimson Queen® Fact Sheet


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