What We Offer

Beyond our varied product offerings, Integrity Propagation provides growers with something far more fundamental.

Namely, we offer peace of mind:
You, our valued customer, receive precisely what you have purchased.

This peace of mind is attributable to a tried and tested variety; one that has undergone years of evaluation in multi-state replicated plots.

Our exclusive process yields plant material produced from mother stock that is 100% DNA-fingerprinted and true to variety.
100% of our plant material is tested for all viruses and phytoplasms (false blossom) known to exist in cranberries or blueberries.

Moreover, the integrity behind everything we produce is
offered at a reasonable price.

Exciting New Rutgers
Varieties Now Available

New varieties have much improved color and yields that are often 50% greater than Stevens.

*Yield and TAcy are the means of 4-5 years of data in replicated research trials in Wisconsin and New Jersey. These results are Rutgers University’s best estimate of the varieties’ potential, however they are not a guarantee of future performance.

These products are available as rooted cuttings or stolon bundles.

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