#35 x (Ben Lear x Franklin)

The Welker™ variety is the result of a 1999 cross between #35 and NJS 98-34, itself a selection from a “Ben Lear” x “Franklin” cross. Welker™ has been named in honor of Dr. William V. Welker, a former USDA weed research scientist.

In addition to his contributions to weed management, Bill Welker envisioned improved cranberry varieties through breeding. Bill takes pride in the fact that he encouraged Dr. Vorsa in accepting the Rutgers cranberry breeder position.

Welker™ was initially selected for its notably high yield potential, precocious production, early-to-mid-season ripening, large ovate berry (weighing on average approximately two grams per berry), uniform fruit color, and rapid bed establishment.

In 2007, Welker™ was selected for additional testing in advanced replicated selection trials in Oregon, Washington, and Wisconsin. The plots continued to exhibit the variety’s consistently positive traits.

Welker™ has also exhibited tolerance of short, cool growing seasons; it is recommended specifically for “oceanic climate” regions such as Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia.

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