Our Leaders

Our success is contingent upon a leadership team comprised of individuals of the utmost integrity – a team empowered to listen to our customers and respond quickly to their needs.

Our leaders, coupled with a dedicated seasonal workforce, are Integrity Propagation’s most valuable asset. 

These individuals work harmoniously to provide quality products, seeking always to meet your needs beyond expectation.  It is not sufficient that customers are satisfied – they must be delighted with both our products and services.



“It is my goal to provide the cranberry industry with the same degree of plant material purity that exists in other horticultural and agronomic crops. At IP we offer the peace of mind that what you buy is what you get.” -Abbott Lee

Abbott has a BS in Horticulture, 50 years of experience in cranberry culture, and considerable experience with bog establishment via the rooted cutting technique.

Using general nursery protocol, Abbott has developed the specific techniques necessary for cranberries.

Abbott is available by email at abbott@integritypropagation.com, or his personal cell phone at (609) 923-3143.


Manager of Production

Maryann Anderson is responsible for all aspects of production. These include tracking plant material, orchestrating production, coordinating shipping and supervising horticultural operations. Maryann’s devotion to her task and empathy for individuals on our staff earns her well-deserved respect from her team, ultimately achieving the paramount productivity for which we are known.


Manager of Facilities

Billy, in his role as Facilities Manager, is responsible for all aspects of on-property services and equipment maintenance. His diverse skill set, dedicated work ethic and willingness to expediently take on day-to-day projects keep our business running efficiently. Billy also assists Maryann in the supervision of horticultural operations.



Barbara, in her position as Administrator, handles accounts receivable and communication between our customers, Integrity Propagation and the Rutgers Office of Technology Commercialization. Barbara also coordinates inventory and greenhouse capacity to harmonize with our orders.  Barbara is highly respected by her associates and a valued component to our team.

Integrity Propagation gratefully acknowledges Barbara Bickel’s years of dedicated service to our company; from the earliest days of its founding to the present as she prepares for her retirement.

Her contribution to our success is immeasurable.
She will be greatly missed.

All future communication may now be directed to
Nicole McNally at 

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